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Residential Design Services

Your life and your home are much more interesting when you take the time to develop it by traveling, observing and collecting memories. We can imagine how the world is by reading a good book or looking through wonderful magazines as well as traveling the internet while recognizing the world around us. We start to develop the flavor of our lives and we begin to create a world that is unique to us. We recognize this by the things that we surround ourselves with. Some people are able to devise a plan for showing this part of themselves by the way they decorate their homes. Others need help creating a room that is filled with memories and yet can also celebrate the future. Keeping your home fresh, new and exciting without forgetting who you are and where you have been is what creates a home that is special.

We love to help people create the homes that they want and yet somehow cannot “get it just right” by themselves. It does not have to be expensive and it can actually be lots of fun. We do this by using what you already have and then adding (if necessary) those items that show how special your life has been and how much you are looking forward to the future in a new and interesting way.
We offer several services including:

  Design Consultations
  Space Planning
  Fabric & Color Selection
  Custom Window Treatments
  Furniture Arrangements
  Shopping & Organizing
  Room Makeovers
  Holiday and Event Planning


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